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SYDNIC utilizes the cloud solutions as part of its delivery model. Through our own internal pilot projects and extensive testing, we understand how to implement and support these products and how this is a partnership with trusted vendors, our team and your organization. Understanding the cost and the support model is vital to a succesful cloud adoption strategy and SYDNIC has the experience to help navigate and support you.

Cloud Solutions Explained.

Cloud technologies, refers to ‘Software Applications’ that are accessed using an internet connection. From a cost perspective and most notably, Cloud technologies tend to be ‘subscription-based’ licensing fees which are attached to Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that will have a ‘fixed-term’, and usually a renewal option(s). REMEMBER TO ‘READ YOUR TERMS & CONDITIONS’ carefully when considering and adopting a Cloud Strategy(s), sometimes T’s and C’s change at your time of purchase, and based on how you purchase.

Who's Involved

Acting in the role as your Trusted Advisor, SYDNIC’s Value-Add Reseller (VAR) methodology involves a Strategic and Best-Practices approach to solving business challenges through technology. Working with the I.T Industry’s most credible Vendors and Solution Providers listed in the chart below, SYDNIC delivers on its promises to you in all aspects of business we do together.


− Email
− Messaging
− Web Conferencing
− Phone Systems

Data Protection / Disaster Recovery

− Back-up / Restore
− Virtual Server / Workstation Operation
− Physical Recovery


− Live Answer Client Support


− Install/Upgrade Products

Let SYDNIC be an extension of your team.

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